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Book Signing this Saturday

I was very excited to see The Dollhouse in such illustrious company as these books by Paula Hawkins and Louise Penny in the window at Furby's bookstore!

This Saturday, if you're in the Port Hope area, please drop in to Furby House Books between 2 and 4 pm to say hi and get a signed copy of The Dollhouse. Much of the inspiration for the book came from people and places in Port Hope, so I'm very happy that Furby's is hosting me for a book signing.

If you haven't been to Furby's before, it's a delightful indie bookstore with knowledgeable, friendly staff and a wonderful atmosphere.

In-person Book Signing

The Dollhouse

Saturday October 30

2 to 4 pm

Furby House Books

65 Walton Street

Port Hope, Ontario


Covid protocols in place

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