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Ghost Tour off to a Spooooky Start

In person again at Amalgamated Academy with a captive audience

Yesterday I was thrilled to return to Amalgamated Academy in Bay Roberts for the first time since 2019. I've been doing most of my school visits on line for the last few years and Wow! What a difference it makes to be there in person! There was electricity in the air as I told the kids some harrowing Newfoundland ghost stories. After I finished telling the story of the Ghostly Longboat in Baccalieu Tickle, I heard a boy in the front row proclaim, "That was terrifying!" There were several screams throughout the storytelling and we all had a very good time. I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is to be right there with the kids in the room. The stories are more scary! Everyone had chills. I'll be touring till the end of the month in Newfoundland, with one surprise visit in Ontario on November 12 at the Port Hope Library. More about that later. But meanwhile, if you want to book me before Halloween, I still have some spots free!

Thank you to Ken Fillier, Amanda Murphy and all the staff at Amalgamated for making me feel so welcome.

This is me showing off my ancient ship's light that always adds a little eerie to my school visits.

Isabella Murphy bought a copy of The Swallow and a copy of Screech! for her friend Lydia. I always try to sell books at schools so kids can have an autographed copy.

I've been doing my Ghost Tour of Newfoundland Schools every fall since 2009. The pandemic gave me the opportunity to go online and I visited some schools I could never get to in person, in Labrador and on the west coast. But oh my goodness! In person is the best.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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