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The Dollhouse Wins NLBA Award

Last week two of my books were finalists in the Newfoundland Book Awards: Footsteps in Bay de Verde: A Mysterious Tale, and The Dollhouse: A Ghost Story.

To my great delight, The Dollhouse won the Bruneau Family Children/Young Adult Literature Award.

Here's what the jury said about The Dollhouse:

A cross between Alice in Wonderland and Narnia with some time travel thrown in for good measure. Cleanly and beautifully written, Charis Cotter’s style is consistent and never flags. Twelve-year-old Alice finds her summer plans upended when her parents suddenly separate. She must go with her mother who takes a job with a mean elderly lady in a creepy old house in a small town far away. When Alice discovers an exquisitely detailed dollhouse in the attic of the house, it provides a portal to people and events of decades past and Alice is drawn into these experiences. The character of Alice is real and well-drawn. Lily and Bubble, who are developmentally challenged, are sensitively portrayed, adding an extra dimension of sweetness to the story. There’s an even pull of events as the plot unfolds in a gentle fashion. Like Alice, the reader is unsure what is real and what is imagined. The haunted house within a haunted house concept is unique and original. Scary without being too frightening, an excellent spooky story written to be savoured.

Thank you to the Bruneau Family, the Writers' Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the jury members for this great honour.

The award itself is a lovely translucent turquoise. I have it standing on my desk where I can see it as I write. Winning an award is such a boost for a writer, and this award means so much to me.

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2022년 10월 07일

great :)

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