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"An engaging story of mystery and magic."

Lisa Doucet, the co-manager of Woozles Children's Bookstore in Halifax, has written a thoughtful review of The Dollhouse on the Atlantic Books website.

Some highlights from the review:

"Charis Cotter excels at crafting clever and compelling ghost stories."

"The pacing is controlled and deliberate, and the tension builds slowly and meticulously. The setting is vivid, with Cotter’s evocative prose creating a strong sense of place and an eerie, expectant atmosphere."

"It is also a story of family and loss and letting go. Cotter artfully explores many very real and complex human emotions while creating an engaging story of mystery and magic."

The timing is good! In two weeks I'm setting off on a virtual tour of Canadian schools and libraries as part of the Canadian Children's Book Tour 2022. I'll be taking The Dollhouse and my Newfoundland ghost stories to audiences in British Columbia, Manitoba and New Brunswick.

Watch this space for more about the tour and my virtual adventures across Canada!

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Marian Frances White
Marian Frances White

Congrats Charis, great review and well deserved praise.

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